Logan Bishop-Van Horn

Graduate Student - Physics - Stanford University

About Me

I am a graduate student in the Moler Group at Stanford University, working on scanning-probe microscopy using superconducting circuits.

In January 2019, after completing my M.S. in Physics at Stanford, I paused my PhD studies and joined Quantum Circuits, Inc. (QCI), a quantum computing startup in New Haven, CT. At QCI, I worked on design, characterization, and modeling of superconducting circuits for quantum information processing. I resumed my PhD work in the Moler Group at Stanford in January 2021.

Prior to graduate school I attended Clark University, where I studied Physics and Mathematics and spent three years researching the properties of organic superconductors in high magnetic fields. I also spent a summer at the Cornell University Center for Materials Research simulating and measuring spin-transfer torques in magnetic bilayers.

I am interested in applications of quantum sensors and quantum materials to tackle 21st century energy and computation challenges.